Our first trip together

The start of a journey. As someone whose life revolves around creating photographs through work and as my personal hobby, finding someone that not only lets me take their photo but actually ENJOYS it, is a dream come true! I’m so grateful to find someone that really supports my passion and wants to be part of it, too.

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1920’s inspired york session

A 1920’s inspired portrait photography session down by the river Foss, York.
I have to say I really enjoyed this one! It has given me little kick to get more creative from time to time and begin creating more personal work. This shoot is inspired by the 1920’s, created for the very talented MUA Hannah Young. From tiered fringe dresses and red lipstick to pocket watches and fake moustaches, Hannah styled all 4 beautiful models for one of her university projects and gave me complete freedom on the photography front!

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Malham Cove Couple Photography

Malham Cove Portrait Photography. As a photographer based near York, I feel lucky to be close by to the beautiful landscapes that are in the Yorkshire Dales, Moors and the Peak District. After taking a walk around Malham Cove a few years ago I’ve been keen to take a fun, adventurous couple up to the top for a creative photoshoot. Rob & Rhi were the perfect fit for what I had in mind, I asked them if they were willing to collaborate with me to turn my ideas into images! 

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York Photographer

York is one of the most beautiful historic English cities, a perfect backdrop for my photography sessions. As a local York Photographer, I have recently began making the most out of York’s incredible photography spots. Around every corner you can find the perfect location that is personal to you and others are yet to find for their portrait photos. From the aesthetic shop fronts down The Shambles to the aspiring musicians that play down the streets within the hustle and bustle, the atmosphere is so oldy worldly. York has kept its timeless vibe and not given in to the cosmopolitan way of life like most of its local cities. 

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Josey Grace Photography Favourite Photos

January is just around the corner and it is the perfect time for us all to start considering new goals and ideas we have for the new year. Before I begin to set myself a plan of where I want to progress in my photography, I believe now is a great time to look back on some of the work I have created in 2018.

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September Sunset Session

As soon as Leanne and her sweet family jumped out of the car I couldn’t control my excitement! Checkered shirts, knitted jumpers, dungarees and floral headbands… Leanne had styled her family great for our September sunset session.

The session took place late afternoon on Saturday the 29th, the sun was beaming down creating a soft warm glow on everything it touched. The time we arranged the session was perfectly fitting with the location I had chosen. This rural place was local to both myself and Leanne. Whilst walking my pooch on countless occasions I had stopped and noticed how dreamy the Autumn light was as it bounced along the tall grass on this plot of land. The old horse shelter adding a rustic look to the area. I knew I had to shoot here whilst the grass was high. When I suggested this place to Leanne she was delighted to have her family portraits taken here!

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