I have created this guide so I can answer frequently asked questions about what to wear and bring to your session. It is important to me that your photos are full of your personality and style.

Each session is tailored to you so your individuality will shine, not just through your choice of outfit but the location you choose, I will give guidance on choosing a good location to ensure your images are totally unique. To make the preperation of your session less stressful I have put together a list of recommendations from colours that photograph beautifully to the most flattering outfits, alongside a mini brainstorm of finding the perfect location. Please remember these are just recommendations, your unique style will be incorperated and flow with my style of photography.

Lets make sure you really love your photos and really feel good about how you look. Moreover, the memories and moments I capture are what holds the real importance and value.






I love natural light, from the sun and its reflections I can create photographs that feel fresh, timeless and warm. On overcast days I am able to create soft and natural tones which is very complimentary for skin tones. Although my clients usually choose outdoor locations, I like my environmental portrait sessions to tell a story that expresses your lifestyle and personality and therefore I also offer in-home lifestyle sessions.

My preference is to shoot just before sunset or early morning, when the light is softest, yet I will work around your schedule.




The location and season is important in creating images that really show your personality and style. If you want your photographs to be out of the ordinary try to brainstorm some creative locations, maybe a location that you or someone you know can get access to, such as a farm, a basketball court, maybe a beautiful botanical greenhouse or gardens, a waterfall or secret beach. Consider interests and hobbies that could also be incorperated into your session or a location that is special to you, if you are wanting more subtle images, quiet woodland areas, parks, streams and lake sides work a treat.

Try to consider the season in which you have booked your session, for example for a family session in summer why not capture a picnic session or picking strawberries from a local field, we can create images involving an activity you want to remember doing. If your family take bike rides together this could be a perfect chance to have an enjoyable session that you can feel at ease with, whilst holding those important details of your life as a family.

Through Autumn the trees are full of beautiful colours so a forest may be the perfect place to capture fun and laughter, or again incorperating themed props may create a great session, your child may love a session involving pumpkins, this may keep them happy, meaning there are smiles all round! If you are unsure of a location, please feel free to get in touch and I am more than happy to give you some ideas or even source a location I feel would suit you with some prompts about your interests, personality, style and hobbies.



To add more creativity and interest within your photos you can bring a little something with you, large and small items can really add to your session. By planning even one extra item to any other session, can make your photos more unique. Some examples of items to use as props within your images;

Fresh flowers, classic cars or bikes, hats, blankets, baskets, bubbles, balloons, childrens teddy, an extra jacket, even glitter can create magical effects. Any object that is personal to you, or relates to an interest aswell as props that add fun and enjoyment to the session.



‘Say yes to the dress!’

There is no such thing as too dressed up for your portrait session! Full length flowy dresses or skirts look beautiful because they bring extra movement to the photos, also this way you can pose in more positions and it will add more of a natural feel to your images. Unless it is more appropriate to your session, I would suggest avoiding jeans and trainers if possible. Layers always look great in photographs, an extra jacket or cardigan can often create a whole new look to your photographs. So your images really make you shine I would only wear delicate and subtle accessories, fresh flowers in a crown could be a really romantic touch for example. Patterns look great if they are large, I would try to avoid smaller pattern clothing where possible.

Styling your session

for him

Long, fitted pants, especially colour, work great on camera. Solid shades of grey and navy are also a strong compliment to most mens outfits. Simple is often more, patterns, logos and graphics are best to avoid, as they can be very distracting in your photos. A good look for men is layers, they add extra dimensions and visual interest to your photos, blazers, shirts and coats are great ways of adding more layers as they are natural. To add more layers consider other accessories such as suspenders, watches, ties, a hat or even coloured socks! I find brown leather shoes compliment almost any look, from doc martens to dress shoes, whatever your style. I would recommend staying away from trainers, the smarter you look the more confident you will probably feel and in return the more you will love your photos.

Coordinating the crew

The softer the colour palette the more complimentary each style will be within any environment. Also, the more subtle tones within the image will let you become the focus point not the clothing, which I find important. Try to avoid matching the colours and outfits of your family, instead let each persons style and personality show, whilst still co- ordinating the colour so you fit well together within your photos. For children, patterns can work great, aslong as the patterns are quite large so they dont become distorted within the photographs, such as large floral prints. I would also advise keeping the colours muted and subtle. Bright and bold colours again are slightly distracting but a bit of colour pop can also add some energy to the images. To add more flare and energy to your childrens images I suggest bringing accessories for them to play with that relates to the theme of the location such as their favourite teddy or toy, a book, balloons, bubbles, a bycicle or even glitter to get messy and creative!

Complimenting Colours

Softer, more muted shades such as neutrals, pastels or more earthy tones work great, I would avoid ultra-bright, bold colours so that the colour isn’t distracting within the images.

A final note

I know there may feel like a lot to think about, but this is just a guide to ensure you look back on your photos and have fond memories. The most important thing is to be yourself and wear clothes you feel comfortable in to ensure you feel confident and at ease. I want your session to be a time for you to enjoy.

If you have any questions or need a helping hand dont hesitate to contact me, feel free to send over some outfit choices if you need help choosing too! I am also more than happy to help find a great and suitable location for you so feel free to get in touch.


Josey Grace