An Engagement Session is a portrait session of you and your fiance. They’re a great opportunity for you to have professional photographs taken at this sweet time in your relationship.

Firstly, we will choose a location and set a time. I encourage you to choose a place that may have some meaning, whether it is the first place you met or a location that holds good memories. If not we will find a great location that has beautiful scenary to make your photos extra special.

Whilst I will direct you, I will not pose you as such, but more gently guide you to interaction. This session is more of a lifestyle session and a time for you to enjoy each others company, it gives me an idea how you are together and how you’re comfortable. The main thing about this session is that they are designed to get you interacting with one another, I may instruct you to talk to each other and forget I am there, or simply hug and look at each other. Although we choose a location and set up a certain amount of direction, your emotions and how you interact with each other are entirely your own, making the engagement shoot unique to you as a couple.

Nearer the time of your engagement session, I will send over my style guide to help you both choose the perfect outfit, I do however recommend you don’t bring any props unless you have a specific reason. I find that this session is supposed to be all about you together and props can take away from that.


Bridal Sessions are a fairly old tradition that began in Europe. The bride schedules a portrait session focusing solely on herself, which takes place well before the wedding day. For this session, you can be photographed in your dress and can even have your hair and makeup trial on the same day, giving you a chance to change anything about your final look as you see all the elements put together. A perfect dress rehearsal opportunity! This session has a few benefits alongside having another excuse to put your dress on! A bridal session offers you stress-free bridal portraits within a beautiful location of your choice, or even at your own home, giving you the chance to practice posing and getting comfortable for the big day.

I aim to work around you for this session, so will guide you in choosing a location and a good time to shoot at, I understand that this is your wedding dress so finding an appropriate location that is not going to effect the dress is important. Also, a bouquet of flowers can really add to the romance and elegance within the photographs, and I recommend bringing some along to your session, they will also give your hands something to do making the photoshoot more natural and comfortable for you aswell as adding a pop of colour. This session is also about capturing the details on your dress, documenting all these minor details will keep this time in your life close to your heart when you look back on your photographs.

The resulting bridal photographs are kept secret, and sent only to the bride with prior warning over a phone call or text conversation if she wants them before the wedding.

These sessions not only give you a confidence boost but really show how beautiful you look as I can work on capturing you in the most elegant and natural way due to not being under any time pressure. Rest assured I will capture you solely on your wedding day too, but these are just an extra addition to your visual wedding story.