York Photographer


York is one of the most beautiful historic English cities, a perfect backdrop for my photography sessions. As a local York Photographer, I have recently began making the most out of York’s incredible photography spots. Around every corner you can find the perfect location that is personal to you and others are yet to find for their portrait photos. From the aesthetic shop fronts down The Shambles to the aspiring musicians that play down the streets within the hustle and bustle, the atmosphere is so oldy worldly. York has kept its timeless vibe and not given in to the cosmopolitan way of life like most of its local cities. 

Josey Grace Photography-13.jpg

There is so much creative potential in York that every session is unique. This time I headed out to York to create some personal work. I wanted my images to capture York in an artistic way expressing the busyness of the cobbled streets and shed light onto the stunning historic architecture. 

Josey Grace Photography-8.jpg

When I am out exploring, I am always searching for photographs that are interesting or tell a story. I love finding contrasting colours and compositions, as well as playing with light and movement. The images below are some of my first street photographs, taken with a Canon 5dmkiv and Lensbaby Sol 45. 

Josey Grace Photography-25.jpg
Josey Grace Photography-29.jpg
Josey Grace Photography-30.jpg
Josey Grace Photography-17.jpg
Josey Grace Photography-11.jpg
Josey Grace Photography-26.jpg
Josey Grace Photography-15.jpg
Josey Grace Photography-4.jpg
Josey Grace Photography-19.jpg
Josey Grace Photography-14.jpg

Let me know your favourite shot down below in the comments, my favourite is either the second or last! Thankyou for reading and I hope you enjoyed viewing the images,