1920’s inspired york session


I have to say I really enjoyed this one! It has given me little kick to get more creative from time to time and begin creating more personal work. This shoot is inspired by the 1920’s, created for the very talented MUA Hannah Young. From tiered fringe dresses and red lipstick to pocket watches and fake moustaches, Hannah styled all 4 beautiful models for one of her university projects and gave me complete freedom on the photography front!  

Down by the river Foss in York seemed like a great little location, the old historic buildings and the way the river shimmers in the sunlight both add a nice touch. I knew that there wouldn’t be too many cars down by the Foss to spoil the vintage look we were going for. 

The 1920’s are romanticised as the decade of dancing, laughter and fun. I really feel like I was able to capture that atmosphere within our set of photographs adding a little touch of authenticity! Here’s to getting more creative this year! I hope you enjoy our collection of images, let us know what you think!


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