Knaresborough Engagement Photography


Knaresborough is full of hidden gems, from medieval streets and stone staircases to the great train viaduct that makes its way across the river Nidd offering a stunning scenic view. Knaresborough has been on my list of locations to shoot at for a while, when Paige and Russell got in touch with me about having their engagement photos taken in Knaresborough I was jumping for joy!

It was an overcast day with a bit of a chill, the light was soft which I personally love when taking portraits. One of the best things about working with people I have never met before is getting to hear their stories, especially engagement sessions (everyone likes a good love story, right?!) Paige and Russell’s story is by far the most romantic I have heard yet! It was clear from the start that these two are totally made for each other and I was grateful to be the photographer they chose to capture these special memories.  

This engagement session was pure magic! I am so happy with how the photographs turned out, a big thankyou to Paige and Russell for trusting my sometimes bizarre prompting and facing the cold wind like champions! Below are a few questions I asked them about our session and their life together, as well as a selection of images we created!  


Engagement Session | Knaresborough Photographer | Yorkshire Photographer | Engagement Photography
Engagement Session | Knaresborough Photographer | Yorkshire Photographer | Engagement Photography

Do you have any interesting stories you're willing to share?
 We met when I went to Chicago and ended up talking to Paige's mother and stepdad in a jazz bar. They told me that their daughter was going to London to study so I gave them my details to pass onto her. I met Paige at the airport when she arrived and the rest they say is history! We are now engaged and have been doing long distance for over 18 months.

josey grace photography | portrait | knaresborough | engagement
Engagement session | Knaresborough Photographer | Yorkshire Photographer | Portrait Photography

If you chose the location, why was that place chosen?
 Knaresborough was chosen due to my Yorkshire upbringing and after showing pictures to Paige, she fell in love with the town's backdrop.

Was there anything special you took to your session to make it unique?: 
Paige's red dress had to be the standout item!

What was your favourite part of the shoot? : 
Getting to know Josey herself which made the entire shoot so enjoyable.

Would you choose to work with me again?
We'd like you to do our wedding! So yes! You were just so easy to talk to and discuss ideas with, and we all seemed to have a great chemistry.

Engagement Session | Knaresborough Photographer | Yorkshire Photographer | Engagement Photography

How would you describe your personality?: 
Outgoing and willing to explore what the world has to offer.

What are some activities/hobbies/interests you like to do?
We both love Theatre, music and the arts. Our biggest passion has got to be travelling.

How was this session different to photoshoots you’ve had before?

Russell: Paige has experience in photoshoots and this one stood out for her as Josey was so friendly it made the entire experience very relaxing and enjoyable. Directions were easy to take and it didn't feel too "posey". We were both incredibly relaxed and having never done a shoot before, my nerves were put to rest very early on.

Is there anything else you would like to add?: 
Can't wait to see you at the wedding!

Engagement Session | Knaresborough Photographer | Yorkshire Photographer | Engagement Photography